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Tell us about your founder

From her dance recital days where she was more focused on what was happening backstage than on the actual dance steps she was "performing," Stacy's always been more of a behind-the-scenes-production kind of gal. Watching the careful choreography [see what we did there?] of the high school students on either side of the stage working together to open and close those dance recital curtains and listening in on the instructors' production meetings was just way more fun than performing on stage. Her focus was on the details that made these annual events so special. It still is. Stacy couldn't have known it at the time as she designed elaborate parties and activities for her friends in elementary school (decorate and bedazzle your own Cabbage Patch Kid onesies with tons of glitter, rhinestones, and studs anyone? Michael Jackson dress-up singalongs? Yes, please!), but event planning has been in Stacy's DNA from a young age. 


Sassy + Events = sassēvents. That little planner we just mentioned has always been called sassy -- her flair for the artistic (and maybe the dramatic), has always been her most defining trait. The entire sassēvents team has a touch of sass, as do the events we produce.

What types of clients have you worked with before? 

From gold medal winners (hi, Ali Krieger!) and past U.S. presidents to organizations chaired by Colin Powell, and from national non-profits to some amazing brides (and some mothers of the groom), we've worked with quite a range of personalities, purposes, and missions. 

What was your favorite event to work on?

A 50th anniversary party with a surprise pop-up vow renewal ceremony. This was by far the most fun, touching and complicated event we ever pulled off, and it still remains the favorite. Ask us to share the story!