adjective \ˈsa-sē\

1. vigorous, lively

2. distinctively smart and stylish

Offering personalized design and coordination for your special event or conference,  sassēvents is a full-service event planning and production agency specializing in creating unique, memorable moments for you and your guests.  Whether it's your wedding, anniversary, fashion show, sports tournament, conference, fundraising gala, milestone celebration, or private party at home, sassēvents can define and design an unforgettable experience.

sassēventswas founded by Stacy Heit, an award-winning event planner and producer with over 18 years of experience in the live events industry.

Stacy uses her keen eye for details and her background in -- and passion for -- the arts to create unforgettable moments for clients ranging from local and national celebrities to couples just starting out and looking to plan the wedding of their dreams. 

​​Photo by Nat Wongsaroj

​Photo by Akeel L. Ali

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